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My name is emanuella another working class citizen, I was at the gas station last night. My husband went in to purchase cigarettes, but forgot his ID. The cashier Christine sold my husband cigarettes two days before that without any ID. My husband reminded her she did so and she began to then raise her voice. My husband came out to me and asked me to go in and get them. I went in the store and before I could even speak a word she began to yell at me about how she was not able to sell me cigarettes, and she needed his ID. Now I didn't even tell her what I wanted before she began to speak to me inappropriately. I get my husband forgot his ID but she sold him cigarettes before that's why he was surprised she was yelling and speaking inappropriately when she said no. Now I went in and she did this big scene for no reason, I was someone else trying to purchase something and she kept telling me how the policy was she needed his ID. How it was the law and she had to deny me service. Can someone please help me understand why that happened and why did she get so disrespectful. I didn't get to say one word before I was attacked about his ID and her boss said she couldn't. I would like to report her or something. I live a few blocks from the gas station and did go there often. I dont understand why this would be a problem

Well maybe someone can watch the video from last night 7/21/2016 after 10pm. This was the station on 245 Ontario street Cohoes NY 12047. Her name was Christine, she works at night.

Thank You



Cohoes NY

Product or Service Mentioned: Sunoco Gas Station Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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